Increase website traffic and conversions.


Home Goods


Ran 200,000 impressions per month in digital ads and social media using various targeting methods.

Shopping has evolved over the years. Consumers now go online to purchase their favorite items then get those items delivered to their homes. In order to get consumers to know what products and services are out there, it’s important to advertise while they are navigating websites, social media and doing other online activities. Without the proper creative and targeting methods, ads will be lost in the digital world with no one to engage and could decrease website traffic. 

We provide our D2C clients a modern way to target their audience by utilizing methods such as Household IP targeting, this targeting method allows us to take a list of new and existing clients and match their home addresses with their IP address. We then serve those homes (1 to 1, not a geofenced radius) with display and video ads to drive more website traffic which in turn increase brand exposure and online sales. Our client who sells home good items such as small appliances, silverware, lamps, etc. trusted our suite of Maven Digital® solutions to drive results for their business. Since then, our client has seen their digital presence growth within 6 months. 


HHIP Targeting

A.I. Targeting




Increased Website Traffic

Website traffic increased by 8% to 10% on a weekly basis.

Longer Time on Site

Site duration increased by an average of .30 seconds.

Growth in Sales

Revenue grew by 20% between Q2 and Q3.

New Followers

Instagram page gained an average of 25 new followers per day.