Build brand equity within social media amongst people between 25-54.


Skin Care


Focused on driving product giveaways along with brand advertising. 

Modern day culture has made beauty more than a hobby for most. Preserving your skin and “glowing for the gods” with great quality cosmetics is an everyday occurrence for many people in America. Within the next decade, the beauty industry will see exponential growth in revenue with online sales and of course, sales within stores such as Ulta and Sephora. Having an online presence, especially on social media is extremely important to let the world know what new products are coming soon and what is currently for sale. We understand how to target the right audience to increase brand equity by utilizing holistic strategies to drive revenue for businesses in the beauty industry.  

Skin care tends to attract more people between 25 – 54 due to wanting to preserve their skin as they continue to age. Our client wanted to launch a new product in which helps smooths out wrinkles and works with various skin types. We created a strategy in which consisted of heavy Instagram (IG) and YouTube advertising since people look for online tutorials for beauty advice. In addition, since our client had a list of past customers, we were able to match their physical addresses with their IP address and serve them display and video ads to all devices within their homes.




HHIP Targeting



Instagram Page

Each post drove an average of 40 new followers and over 5K likes after 3 months of campaign.

Youtube Channel

Subscriber number increased by 15% within 1 month of advertising and doubled within 4 months.

Audience Engagement

Shares of IG post along with likes grew by 14% each time new content was uploaded.

Online Orders

Customer retainment went up 40% due to targeting them again with online content.