Increase number of scheduled appointments.


Medical Clinic


Launched a 6 month campaign to drive more appointment inquiries. 

The medical industry has evolved into one of the top revenue making industries. In 2020, the way we looked at our health drastically changed, with an on going pandemic happening in the world and worries of what could happen in the future has made people more conscious about their health and well being. Patients will continue to need yearly check ups, procedures, and have medical emergencies. Demand for internal medicine doctors, speciality physicians, clinics, medical offices, and hospitals will increase as population continues to grow. Being able to engage with potential patients online will be essential to growth, especially when Telehealth options are available for the patient. 

Our client wanted to run a campaign in which would let people know in a 30 mile radius from their office that they provide Telehealth services. Patients were less likely to schedule a face to face appointment with the doctor due to Covid-19, and the fear of being exposed to the virus. We focused on communities in which we identified for our client as areas of interest to gain new patients and used geofencing capabilities that would mainly target mobile devices (mobile conquesting). Creative was designed to drive website traffic and appointment form fills to increase the number of new patients.  


Mobile Conquesting



Keyword Targeting


Scheduled Appointments

Appointments scheduled via website increased by 5% each week and 20% by the first month.

TeleHealth Visits

Demand for online appointments increased as branding of the service continued.

Reviews for Clinic

More patients were leaving great reviews acknowledging their experience with the clinic.

Time on Site

Users on the website stayed longer researching on several pages, average of 2 minutes.