Get more demo sign ups from people visiting site.


MarTech Company


Hyper focused on B2B targeting utilizing various digital mediums.

The 21st century has been filled with new companies who provide software as a service (SAAS) to people or companies who could use it to make things more easier and convenient. The technology industry is more competitive than ever before and companies within this industry may not last more than 3 to 5 years. Therefore, having a strong digital presence is key in order to getting more demo’s scheduled which in turn increase company revenue. 

Our clients product was designed for business use (B2B), making mediums more limited than B2C. We used various methods that involved geofencing and targeting individuals based on certain online behaviors. Creative ads needed to drive engagement to the website and motivate the potential prospect to fill out a form. All inquires were vetted by their business development department to make sure they were a qualified fit for the product. 



Behavioral Targeting

Google Ads

Lead Generation


Demo Sign Up Increase

Qualified prospects number increased by 18% within 60 days from start of campaign.

Collateral Downloads

PDF downloads of product overview and other marketing collateral increased by 24%.

Higher Ranking

Ranked on page 1 of Google searches within a month based on relevant keywords.

Yearly Subscriptions

Subscriber number increased by 29% after 3 quarters compared to 2018.